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I'm just keeping it real, I have a lot of really cool stuff, but I just have too much! Over the course of my 30 year career in radio I have been fortunate enough to have met many famous people, and during that time I have accumulated everything from vintage radio shirts to authentic signed sports memorabilia. Every item comes with a unique story and depicts a special moment in my wild life. My goal is to help find homes for these items with collectors and enthusiasts who will truly love and  appreciate them as I have. My collection is great for those who want to wear, or admire, including:

• Baseballs (Several From a Single Pitcher)
• Footballs
• Hats
• Jackets
• Shirts

*Get it while it's hot! I will only release a few of my very special personal items each week so be sure to keep checking back for more!

New Designs

You can wear them anywhere...except weddings.

If I can say it, you should wear it! Make the most of your day with one of my originally designed shirts that include some of my hilarious one-liners. Perfect for men and women of all ages (including drinkers). It is my mission through SSquared Brands to make you laugh a little and enjoy what you wear. All t-shirts and other items include my signature "Yeah C'mon" phrase.

Don't knock it til' you try it, "Yeah C'mon!".

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