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LIVE long, LAUGH often, and LOVE always

There are few things in life better than good food and laughter. My wife, Amanda, offers healthy recipes and meals and I bring the comedic relief. What more could you ask for?!


I am a born and raised native Atlantan and have been known in Atlanta as "Southside Steve" since the 80's. It all began for me working for the airlines where I coined the saying "Yeah C'mon". When I got into radio shortly thereafter, I took my catchy greeting with me and soon became known as "Southside Steve" on air due to my roots growing up on the south side of the city. It didn't take long to start being recognized as the crazy radio guy with a ponytail shouting "Yeah C'mon" all over Atlanta. In the twenty-five years I have been lucky enough to work as an Atlanta morning radio show personality, I have also owned my own bar called Southside Steve's, worked more live promotions than any other radio personality in Georgia and was nominated for the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. Now, I am excited and proud to present my original line of SSquared Brand products which all include my tagline, "Yeah C'mon", printed in my handwriting. I created SSquared Brands in hopes to bring a laugh or smile to everyone's day just as I do through my radio show, Bailey and Southside in the mornings on ROCK 100.5 fm. Yeah C'mon!

Amanda Rickman

Amanda began her path into health and nutrition at Auburn University where she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has more than five years of experience working in the weight loss industry, and is dedicated to promoting healthy diets that taste good too. Amanda has a knack for finding recipes that she can tweak into healthier and tastier versions. She is excited to share these free, healthy recipes that she hopes everyone will enjoy. Amanda will showcase new recipes on her page The Foodie Fixer regularly so, be sure to take a look and find the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes with the occasional indulgence and useful health tips.

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SOUTHSIDE STEVE and Amanda Rickman