Southside Steve TV

Get ready to laugh! Watch as I have fun interviewing many notable guests throughout my radio career, and see a glimpse into my crazy, fun life both on and off air. You can also check me out on my Facebook fan page.

Tom Wopat & Enos

Steve went to Dukesfest 2008 to see some sweet car jumps and talk to the stars. We'll have more of the action later, but for now, enjoy Steve interviewing a few of his heroes.

Bad, Bad Southside Steve - SSSTV

Turns out Steve's middle school teacher broke his LeRoy Brown record because it had the word "damn" in it. She warn't cottonin' on having to deal with Bad, Bad, Southside Steve, though.

Southside Visits the Dentist

Get all up in Southside's mouth as he goes to the dentist.


Southside Steve Meets His Idol Burt Reynolds

Southside Steve Rickman? FINALLY meeting his idol, Burt Reynolds. You couldn't find a happier guy! His face is priceless!

Bill Burr on SSSTV - 1

Bill Burr on SSSTV - 2